Haur Hezkuntza - ERASMUS 2013-2014



Aurten ere, ikasturtero bezala, HH2ko ikasleek bigarren txandako praktikak Erasmus bidez Italian egiteko aukera izan dute. Hiru ikasle joan dira Pistoiako Il Glicine Haur Eskolan praktikak egin eta esperientzia paregabe honetaz ikasi eta gozatzera eta bide batez lagun berriak egitera.


Erasmus - Italia

A TRIP ABROAD - Amaia Erbina


Hi everyone,

As you know, every year our high school provides us with the opportunity to get some grants to go abroad in summer. I am a person who likes travelling, so I decided to ask for one of those grants and fortunately, they accepted my request.

Firstly, I had to make sure that I complied all the requirements they asked: a minimum average mark from last year, good marks at English, being a member of a large family…

Later, I filled out a document with all my personal information. There, they asked you where you would want to travel to. I had some countries to choose: England, France, Germany and Ireland. I had already visited all those countries, so I chose the one which I liked most: England.

I´m very happy they accepted me to go to England. I don´t have much information about the trip yet. I only know I´m visiting England and I will be living with a family there during the whole month of June. I think it´s a great opportunity for me to practise my English and learn more about their culture.

I´m sure I will have a wonderful time meeting different people from other places and having new experiences. It´s not the first time I make a trip abroad so I have no doubts that it will be fun.

If you like travelling, practising other languages and meeting new people, I would recommend you to make a trip abroad as I am going to do this year. It´s a very positive experience, I can assure you!

Norwich 2013 - Aiora Zubeldia



This year I had the opportunity to go abroad.  I decided to go to Norwich which is in the east of England.

It has been an unforgettable experience as I had the chance to meet English people as well as their language and culture in their daily life. I also met people from other countries such as France or Russia because they were living in the same family as me. I was really lucky with the family. They took care of me and made me feel like one of them. I still keep in touch with them.

I have improved my English in class but also in the activities or trips I took part in. Apart from Norwich we visited the most important places in the surroundings. While we were there, they gave us a great surprise! We went to watch the Norwich vs Real Sociedad football match.

I was shocked with their customs, for example, the pack-lunch or having dinner at 6 o'clock. Moreover, the streets were empty and the shops were closed really early in the afternoon.
As far as food is concerned, I would like to say that although they try to cook different dishes they are not as good as in the Basque Country, but you get used to them.

Finally, I think it is an enriching experience where you don’t just improve your English; there is a lot more behind it. I would recommend it to anybody.


PAIGNTON 2013 - Maite Odriozola




This three- week trip was a wonderful opportunity to improve my English, make new friends and get to know a culture that seems to be very similar to ours but has some differences.

We went to lessons every day, but we also visited some culturally interesting places and others not so educative, but much more fun for us, such as, the zoo, the aquarium, a fun park and a water park.

The weather was good so we were able to take advantage of all the activities we did.

The life in the family was not like here, timetables were different, but being with other students from different countries was very enriching, we had the chance to share experiences and contrast our daily lives. 

I have had a blast for three weeks, an unforgettable time, and I would recommend anyone to ask for this grant. If they get it, they will likely have a really unique experience. Apart from everything mentioned before, this practice makes you more independent and responsible.